Best Experiences to Try in Singapore

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( — October 8, 2019) — Singapore is one of the few touristic countries where one can have incredible experiences every time they go. There is a lot more to the island city beyond those true classics like Marina Bay Sands or the Sentosa island. Well, for any adventurous traveler, a lot more lies beneath the tip of the iceberg.

Check out this list if you are keen to know more about those incredible experiences to enjoy in Singapore with local tour guides by your side. 

Explore the Chinese heritage – Take a stroll through Chinatown, and it is a must to stop at the Chinatown Heritage Centre. Here you will come across an exhibition of the colorful past of Chinatown. Towards the end lies the oldest Hindu temple, Sri Mariamman Temple.

Geylang’s streets – Geylang’s streets and buildings make for a fascinating walk, and there is a very distinctive vibe about those streets. Most of the architecture dates back to the 20th century, and there are several mosques, churches and temples that have come up in the narrow streets of Geylang.

Try underwater hockey – If you have ever played underwater hockey, well, you can certainly do that now on your trip to Singapore. Players play at the bottom of a swimming pool with sticks and a puck, and even if this is your first time, you can get a great experience.

Go on a Kayak Fishing tour There is more fun to be enjoyed in Singapore, and pedal kayaking is one of them. You can pedal and keep your hands free for all that fishing as well as enjoy the stunning ocean views. A friendly guide teaching you the tricks and everything else is provided for.

A midnight shopping experience  Go to Mustafa for a great shopping experience at midnight. The 24-hour shopping Centre has everything you need and nigh time is the best time to avoid the hectic rush of the day.

A tour of Little India – It would be a mistake not to explore the vibrant neighborhoods of Little India. Enjoy those incense-scented streets lined with colorful temples and many eateries. The streets are bustling with shoppers and visitors to temples.

Rock climbing fun – Head for the Dairy Farm adventure-seeker and enjoy some real rock-climbing experience. The outdoor climbing area is actually a quarry-turned-nature reserve, which is regularly maintained.

Senoko Fishery Port You must visit the fish market where buyers and sellers of the freshest seafood come together. It is indeed an intriguing eye-opening experience to be in the midst of the flurry of activity. Eager buyers buzz around with baskets and try to bargain with the sellers in yellow rubber boots.

Singapore cruises at night – It is indeed an enjoyable experience to hop on a night cruise and get a different perspective of the city. Enjoy looking at the beautifully lit up skyline of Singapore and go past the majestic Marina Bay and Clarke Quay. Gaze at the impressive skyscrapers and touristy bars and restaurants.

Private dinners by chefs – Well, you can now enjoy private dinners in the comfort of your home and cooked by well-known chefs. You can book a private dining experience and enjoy great food at your own place and can avoid those queues and cramped spaces of restaurants.

A water jetpack experience – If you have never tried a water jetpack, well, this is your chance to do so at Sentosa. All are welcome to enjoy that gravity-defying experience and do not worry as certified instructors take you under their wings and will help you to master the activity.

Join a calligraphy class This is your chance to learn a new skill, and you can learn that graceful art of calligraphy at these workshops. Just locate some reputed calligraphy classes and workshops that are run on a regular basis.