St. Paul MN DWI Chemical Health Assessment Use Evaluation Services Launched

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( — October 9, 2019) — St Paul, MN — Access Behavioral Change announced that it can provide professional chemical health assessments for St Paul clients looking for a thorough, professional and supportive evaluation.

Access Behavioral Change launched a complete range of chemical health assessment services for individuals in St. Paul, Minnesota and the surrounding areas. Working with licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, the company provides a compassionate, supportive and confidential assessment for clients facing all types of legal situations, from DWI to domestic issues and many others.

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Access Behavioral Change’s newly launched service provides professional chemical health assessments for all types of legal situations, including DWI and DUI, domestic abuse disorderly conduct, child custody, or for personal concerns.

According to defense attorneys, undergoing a chemical use evaluation before the resolution of the court case can be highly beneficial for clients. This offers them more freedom in choosing where to have the evaluation and it increases the chances for a more successful negotiation prior to the disposition of the case.

St. Paul clients working with Access Behavioral Change benefit from a supportive, unbiased, fully confidential evaluation undertaken in a comfortable, professional environment.

To ensure maximum standards of quality and confidentiality, all assessments are conducted by experienced licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors. A standard evaluation includes everything from biological data collection to psychological, social and personal history data collection and diagnostic impressions.

Access Behavioral Change provides chemical use evaluations for court hearings, license reinstatement, probation requirements, as well as other legal and personal reasons.

With extensive experience offering high-quality counseling and evaluation services, the company has established a positive reputation in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding areas.

A satisfied client said: “My court date went very smooth. I’m grateful to have it all behind me other than probation, but I’m not concerned about that in the least. I want to thank you again for all your help and support. If not for you I would have driven myself nuts with worry.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.