Budget Disney World Vacation – What to Include in Costs

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(Newswire.net — October 9, 2019) — Disney World is a destination like no other – the fairytales, the castles, your favorite animated stars come to life and the thrills make it a top destination. However, as the cost of living rises, a trip to Disney World can turn out to be quite costly. Here are a few cost saving tips for a budget Disney World vacation.

Budget Disney World Vacation

This post provides several cost-saving tips for visiting Disney World on a budget. It highlights everything from taking advantage of free activities, to planning every day of your trip.

Stay on Property

While some might argue that Disney hotels are costly, you actually get much more from them than just a place to rest. For instance, complementary shuttles to every Disney park round the clock mean zero rental car fees and parking. A cheaper yet adventurous alternative is camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort.

Visit During Non-Peak Times

If you can avoid going to Disney World over Summer, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s and Spring break then you can avoid the disaster of large crowds and even cut your costs. Park admission prices are highest during peak times and stabilize during non-peak times. Similarly, visiting during the week is much cheaper than on a weekend. 

Shop Around

Discounts are not easy to come by, but if you do a little research, you can always get good deals. Several sites offer limited-time sales on vacation packages, hotels and tickets. And if you work for a large corporation, check whether they offer benefits for taking a Disney World trip.

Take Advantage of Free Activities

There’s much more to Disney World than just the parks themselves. Animal Kingdom Lodge, for example, is one of the most luxurious places to stay at Disney World, but even non-guests are allowed to walk around the property and enjoy scenic views of wild birds and animals such as flamingoes, gazelle, giraffe and zebra. Another great place to check out is Disney Springs, which is a whole world of its own, with everything from restaurants and shops to shows for all ages.

Plan Each Day of Your Trip

Disney World can be overwhelming. It’s virtually impossible to see everything or visit every location on a single trip. Between the time spent at the resort, the shops, the shows, the characters, the meals, the lines, and the rides, time flies by. While it may seem unnecessary to plan everything out in advance, you’ll need to do so to avoid missing out or overspending on a meal just because you hadn’t chosen where to have dinner or lunch in advance.

Make the Most of It

Enjoy the experience as much as you can. Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the parks shut down. Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom, extended park hours and the IllumiNations light show are already free with your park admission and worth that extra hour or two to enjoy.

Bottom Line

With these tips mentioned, a budget Disney World vacation becomes a reality. The most critical factor is to start planning as early as possible. Last minute-rushes will likely cost your time and money. Try to cut unnecessary expenses and work on saving to enjoy your experience.