Digital Signage for Business Marketing David Wible Communication Book Launched

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( — October 13, 2019) — A new marketing book by David Wible has been launched, called Inspire Action. It covers key aspects of digital signage and helps businesses to communicate with their customers more effectively.

A new book has been launched by David Wible, the CEO of Industry Weapon, called Inspire Action. It focuses on how to deploy content that resonates and captures attention in today’s environment, with the aim of helping businesses to grow and make more sales.

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Inspire Action covers a number of key topics and questions in the field of digital marketing and signage. The book offers step by step guidance written with candor, along with high-level game plans.

High profile clients like Under Armour, Hallmark, and Wabash National have all trusted Dave and his Industry Weapon team to deliver high quality signage for their marketing needs.

Industry Weapon was launched over a decade ago with minimal financing but maximum dedication. Digital signage can transform all types of facilities, from hospitals to college campuses and restaurants, and Industry Weapon enjoyed quick growth.

While digital signage also benefits customers and their business, it can also help staff within companies. It helps to replace outdated communication methods like print flyers and emails.

Some of the topics covered in the newly launched book include slowing rapid turnover by using the employee engagement program, how to select devices wisely while choosing from a huge market of options, and the four quadrants of visual engagement.

As the CEO of Industry Weapon, David has over 20 years of experience tackling executive management positions, serving industries in a variety of niches.

The company states: “Our driving force was to ensure our customers had access to information that gave them the ability to thrive now and in the future. Now, we educate our clients and partners about the right equipment and software. This innovation is what helps you stay relevant and ahead of the digital media curve.”

With Inspire Action, David is sharing the keys to his winning strategy. He is opening up the conversation to those well versed on the subject, as well as newcomers to the digital signage space.

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