British Government to Vote on Another Brexit Deal

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( — October 13, 2019) — Brexit has been going on for over three years, and at no point during these years has any significant deal been made for when (or if) the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. 

However, Boris Johnson has announced today that he believes a Brexit deal can and will be made in time for his deadline for Brexit- 31st October.

This Sunday Boris Johnson announced that a last-minute Brexit deal was still possible, however there is significant work that still needs to be done to achieve a deal. After intense talks with the European Union and with more happening this week, it remains to be seen whether Johnson will bring a deal to parliment. 

Moreover, even if Johnson succeeds to formulate an exit deal with the European Union, it still remains to be seen whether parliment will vote for it. For the first time this century, British MP’s will sit on a Saturday to debate on any deal that is put forward by Johnson. Alternatively, MP’s may also have to discuss alternative routes ahead.

However, Johnson’s deal (if he achieves one) will not be met without opposition. 

Labour said it would “wait and see” but would oppose anything “damaging”.

Shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey told BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show: “We don’t think the Tories have moved too far on their deal.”

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon told the same programme: “We will not vote for the kind of deal specified by Boris Johnson.”

Brexit negotiations are to continue today. Ambassadors to the EU from 27 member countries are scheduled to meet this evening and Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, is expected to brief them on the talks.

What happens if Johnson Succeeds?

If Boris succeeds, and a Brexit deal is passed on Saturday, Britain will leave the EU on the 31st October, meeting Johnsons target. 

What if Johnson fails?

It is incredibly unlikely that Johnson will manage to create a suitable deal by next week that MP’s will vote for. The Prime Minister has faced huge opposition from the begining of his term, and his rivals will certainly refuse to back a deal they do not believe is beneficial for the country. 

If he does, then, fail, Britain will face an uncertain future. Brexit may be delayed until January. However, the EU may refuse to delay Brexit, and the UK will have to leave the EU without a deal- a potentially damaging scenario.