Experts Now Reveal the Multiple Health Dangers of Antibiotics

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( — October 21, 2019) Orlando, FL — Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics in cases of urinary tract infections. It is undeniably helpful but it is also true that its use is associated with adverse effects.

Health authorities warn that overuse of this medication can result in various undesirable health issues. These include digestive problems, allergic reactions, yeast infections, and the most-feared antibiotic resistance.

In the United States, antibiotic resistant bacteria have been found to be responsible for the sickness of more than two million people every year. It is further worth mentioning that it accounts for at least 23,000 deaths.

Researchers say that chronic overuse of this medication is the main cause of antibiotic resistance. When there are increasingly resistant bacterial strains, there is also an increase in the need to produce stronger antibiotics.

This, according to experts, also creates an even more resistant bacteria. It is important to be warned that antibiotic resistance is considered by many experts to be a growing public health issue worldwide.

Antibiotics may also lead in mild to severe allergic reactions as well as debilitating adverse events. They may also disturb the intestinal flora, and this is associated with irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease like ulcerative colitis and even colon cancer.

There are safer alternatives to antibiotics in individuals who want to ward off infection. Fighting urinary tract infections in a natural way may be made through the use of natural remedies like D-mannose.

According to experts, D-mannose works wonders in fighting the infection without causing adverse effects produced by antibiotics.

A study was carried out by the Department of Gynecological Obstetrics and Urologic Sciences at the University of Sapienza of Rome in Italy. It has been found that use of D-mannose led in the significant reduction in UTI symptoms.

What makes the treatment even more beneficial was that the subjects tested negative for bacteria in their urine.

Experts recommend choosing the right supplement, and this means considering the use of Divine Bounty D-mannose. While there are many brands in the market, this one from Divine Bounty is known to be superior over other brands.

It has a superior potency of 600 mg per capsule, and it even offers 120 Vegetarian capsules per bottle. It is even equipped with added ingredients like dandelion and cranberry, which are popular subjects of studies due to their remarkable healing benefits.

This extra-strength formula is carefully crafted to deliver the powerful UTI-fighting benefits of D-mannose. It is actually gaining increasing popularity from the international market due to its ability to promote and protect urinary health (

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