Skin Care Experts Now Warn Against the Culprits of Skin Aging

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( — October 21, 2019) Wilmington, DE — Dermatologists have long been revealing that the skin is more susceptible to undesirable changes when it undergoes the aging process.

However according to experts, there are other factors that worsen the skin aging process. There are things that can be controlled while others can’t be influenced. There are environmental and lifestyle choices that cause the skin to prematurely age.

Some of these factors are smoking, sun exposure, repetitive facial expressions, a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol consumption, and unhealthy diet.

Experts strongly recommend to protect the skin from the sun, and this can be done by seeking shade or covering up using clothes. It is similarly important to avoid repetitive facial expressions, which have been found to contract the underlying muscles.

It is important to realize that contracting the same muscles for many years make the lines permanent. Individuals who smoke are also strongly advised to quit as the habit has been scientifically found to speed up the skin aging process.

Diet also plays a significant role in overall skin health and appearance. Studies recommend increased intake of fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent damage, which eventually results in premature skin aging.

Some natural medicinal ingredients like aloe vera have been found to be potentially useful against the undesirable effects of aging.

In some studies, aloe vera has been found to have strong antioxidant properties that work in fighting free radical damage. It is important to understand that aging has been associated with such damage.

Experts further reveal that this medicinal plant works wonders in preventing skin redness, which is a type of skin discoloration considered to be one of the primary signs of aging.

What makes aloe vera even more beneficial is that it is also an antibacterial. This means that it can fight bacteria that could trigger the symptoms of the aging process.

While more studies are still underway to learn about this plant’s healing goodness, its use is actually widespread nowadays.

It is worth mentioning aloe vera has been found to target multiple aspects of skin health and protection. For instance, it aids in healing wounds and sunburns as well as reducing the visibility of stretch marks.

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