Windshield Repair vs Replace – Things to Consider

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( — October 15, 2019) — Do you have cracks on your windshield? Then you must be in a dilemma whether to get the windshield repaired or to replace the entire one. When you are in a debate regarding windshield repair vs replace, there are some of the factors that you have to consider. The most important criteria that you have to consider is the impact of the damage on the visibility as well as the ability to drive the car safely. Other factors that you have to consider are depth, location of the crack and size.

Windshield Repair vs Replace

To know more about whether to get it repaired or replaced, read on. You will be able to figure out the signs that you have to notice to determine whether your windshield needs simple repairing or it needs replacement. 

Repair vs. Replace

The windshield can be repaired only if you are fixing the damage and it will not reduce the car safety in case of any impact or collision. If the crack is shorter than 12 inch or the chip is smaller than 1 inch, it can be repaired. Also, if the crack or damage is on the outer layer only or the crack is not close the outer margin of your car glass, then repair is preferable.

But you must replace the windshield if your windshield is damaged to an extent which can impair the visibility of your driver. If the crack is longer than 14 inches or the chip size is more than 3 inches, then you must replace the windshield. You must get the windshield immediately replaced if the inner layer of the glass is broken. 

Factors Related to Repair and Replacement of a Windshield

  1. Safety

Safety is definitely one of the most important concerns. Hence, it is an important factor that you have to consider. You cannot drive with a broken windshield as it is dangerous for your safety.

  1. Visibility

Of course, broken or cracked windshield can cause damage which can reduce your visibility. If the driver is not being able to clearly see the road, then there are some safety hazards. You need to ensure that the driver can clearly see through the windshield and keep an eye on the road.

  1. Depth of the crack

Windshields are mainly made up of two layers of glasses joined together with a thin layer of sheet in between. If the damage penetrates through the plastic layer or the inner layer of the glass, it cannot be repaired. Then you have to replace the windshield.

Final Words

So, if it is windshield repair vs replace, then you have to consider these above mentioned factors to determine the exact solution for your windshield. You also have to make sure that you are getting the windshield repaired or replaced by a team of professionals. This is an important safety measure that you need to take. Hence, you cannot take this thing lightly. You have to ensure that you are getting the windshield replaced or repaired as per the requirements. Getting the best glass technicians is important here.