IT Career Certified Ethical Hacking Expert Online Training Boot Camp Launched

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( — October 17, 2019) — On Track Course announced that new online training program, The 5 Day Training Boot Camp, is now available for those looking to become certified ethical hacking experts. The online training course was designed to help students successfully complete the CEHv10 exam.

On Track Course announced the launch of a new online training program for those looking to boost their IT career prospects by becoming a certified ethical hacking expert. The 5 Day Training Boot Camp provides participants with the tools and knowledge needed to successfully pass the CEHv10 exam.

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The newly launched 5 Day Training Boot Camp allows participants to successfully complete the Certified Ethical Hacker program, a one-of-a-kind digital course designed to help candidates learn better ways to deal with security breaches and to ensure a secure environment for their organization.

With a growing number of computer threats and with a limited amount of information about how skilled, well-funded, or persistent the threat will be, ethical hacking helps to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that may pose a danger to a company’s internet networks.

Regulated by the EC-Council, the CEHv10 certification exam provides the advanced hacking tools and techniques used by hackers and information security professionals alike to break into an organization. The program focuses on the latest security threats, advanced attack vectors and practical real-time demonstration of latest methodologies, hacking techniques, tools, tricks and security measures.

The aim of the course is to help participants master an ethical hacking methodology that can be used in an ethical hacking situation. Students will learn all the ethical hacking skills that are highly in demand, as well as the knowledge to be able to achieve the globally recognized Certified Ethical Hacker certification.

The prerequisite for the CEHv10 certification course is at least 2 years of experience in the field of Information Security in order to take the CEH certification exam. An IT background in order to work professionally is also highly recommended.

According to On Track Course, “Learning how to improve security of your systems by hacking into them each time is what we teach extensively in this course. After completion of this digitally advanced course, you will be able to enter the industry as an Information Security Engineer, Security Analyst, Security Consultant, IT professional, network Engineer, Penetration Tester, and many more.”

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