AToN Center Receives “Excellence in Treatment” Award

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( — October 17, 2019) Encinitas, CA — AToN Center was honored to accept the award for “Excellence in Treatment” from Conquer Addiction Inc. during the Moments of Change event, which is hosted by the Foundations Recovery Network. They achieved this award with an average length of stay of only 27 days while competitors had lengths of stays ranging from 60 to 255 days.

“We want all of our fantastic staff to feel proud knowing that AToN Center was one of the four recipients awarded for abstinence post treatment.” Said Jim Brady, Co-founder and CEO of AToN Center.

AToN Center was thrilled to be recognized for their 2019 submission and received the award with only 3 other participants.  All applicants were reviewed by a panel of judges who evaluated the research to ensure proper protocols and rules were followed.

The “Excellence in Treatment” awards from Conquer Addiction use the criteria of the percentage of patients who were reachable and had no past-month drug or alcohol use at least six months post-treatment.  Brady couldn’t be prouder and announced to his staff “Congratulations to everyone for all of your hard work that collectively results in our clients getting better and living happier, healthier lives!”

AToN Center is a licensed, certified and accredited Residential Treatment Facility providing residential and detox services. They are certified to offer Incidental Medical Services (IMS), a new supplemental service that provides medical oversight for residents in Residential Treatment and additional scrutiny by the California Department of Health Care Services. . All of AToN Center’s residential treatment centers in San Diego include daily individual therapy,, as well as four inclusive holistic treatment services per week.

AToN Center strives to be one of the best, cutting edge treatment centers that provides evidence-based treatment programs to treat substance misuse for its patients. In comparison to national norms, AToN Center has an exceptionally high treatment completion rate (69% versus the national norm of 56%). It is important to note that of those results, 9% of the patients had to be discharged due to insurance problems, which otherwise would have resulted in different outcomes.

“We hold ourselves to the highest level of care” stated Brady.  He added, “We are firmly rooted in the scientist-practitioner model and in an effort to continuously provide quality care we regularly assess the psychological dynamics of each individual who enters treatment.” The research and leadership team at AToN Center believes in letting data drive policy, and uses only appropriate, valid and reliable measures to assess our performance.

If you are interested in learning more about how AToN Center’s San Diego rehab center (holistic treatment, non-12 Step rehab programs, SMART Recovery etc.) can facilitate your recovery from addiction, please contact us today at (888) 532-0519 or visit our blog: AToN Center Blog

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AToN Center is a licensed, certified and accredited residential treatment facility that provides exceptional residential and detox services. All San Diego rehab programs include daily individual therapy, as well as four inclusive holistic treatment services per week. AToN Center provides a non-12 Step approach based in clinical and holistic practices to treat the problem of addiction so that clients can regain control of their lives and enjoy a sober lifestyle.

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