Garage Doors Weight – What is Yours?

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( — October 18, 2019) — A garage doors weight is variable depending on several factors. These factors include the size of the door, types of material, as well as the thickness of your door. Typically, most doors use steel; thus their weight is close to each other. However, their weight will also vary depending on the steel gauge used. 

Garage Doors Weight 

Are you stuck trying to find the weight of your garage door? This post will make it easy for you. You will learn how to get the right weight by assessing some of their features. By knowing the size of your door, it will be pretty easy to estimate its weight. 

Door Size 8×7

Size is the basic determinant of a door’s weight. Take for instance, a door size of 8×7 with 25 classic steel gauge. Its average weight will be 79 pounds. The spring size will also be a factor. A bigger spring will contribute to more weight and if you change the height of your garage door

Let’s take another example using the same size but using 25 insulated steel gauge. The spring size may be slightly smaller. It will have an average weight of 87 pounds. Another door of the same size with steel gauge 24 will be 84 pounds in weight. 

Door Size 8×8

For this door size and a 25 classic gauge, the door weight comes to 90 pounds. Of course, the spring size will vary because this is a bigger door. 

When the steel gauge is 25 insulated, the door becomes slightly heavy. It will be 100 pounds of weight. The same door size with 24 steel gauge will come to 98 pounds. 

Door Size 9×7

The first door will use 25 classic gauge and matching springs. Its weight will be 85 pounds. For the next door, the steel gauge will be 25 insulated. The average door weight will be 95 pounds. Now to the third door in the same size, but with 24 steel gauge and its weight will be 91 pounds. 

Overall Door Weight Trend

When doors are of the same size, it is the steel gauge that determines the final weight. There is consistency in the varying weights depending on the steel gauge used. For instance, when it is 25 classic gauge used, the door weight will be less than that of both 25 insulated and 24 steel gauges. Therefore, doors can be of the same size but not the same weight dependent on the other variances such as the chain and other parts of it. 

The Primary Factors for Garage Door Weight

As you have noticed, it is the door size and the type of gauge that primarily determines the weight of the door. If you need a lightweight door, then you have to go for a smaller size and appropriate door springs. Settling for a bigger door means you will get a heavier door. The choice is all yours to make. 

Wrap Up

After reading this post, you only need to know the size of your door and steel gauge to estimate its weight. You should not have trouble getting your garage doors weight. As you make your decision, you can now know the weight you should expect with a few garage tips