Texas Gym and Fitness Center Not Lead Gen Monthly Set Appointment Service Rollout

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(Newswire.net — October 21, 2019) — Houston, TX — A new gym and fitness center DFY appointment setting marketing service has been launched by Houston Consulting LLC. The team helps clients with “done for you” appointment setting, not lead generation, actual 40+ set appointments.

Houston Consulting LLC has launched a new appointment setting system for gyms in the state of Texas looking to get more members. It is designed to help gyms and fitness centers to grow their membership without the stress or hassle of tracking down new appointments themselves.

More information can be found at: https://houstonconsultingwire.com/appointments

One of the biggest problems that fitness centers in Texas face is bringing in consistent new leads. Without gaining new members, it can be difficult for gyms to hit their targets.

As technology advances and more opportunities arise for people to be able to workout at home, gym memberships are being threatened. But with the right marketing approach, any gym and fitness center can get enough leads to thrive.

The newly launched service from Houston Consulting LLC is based on a system that does all the lead generation work for the client and even more. Their process actually sets sales appointments for the workout studio. This means that clients who sign up to the service don’t have to worry about getting more traffic or appointments through their door.

Houston Consulting LLC, explains that they can either set up the system so that clients can go after traffics, leads and sales appointments, or the team can handle everything for them.

The newly launched service is backed by reliable results, clients can expect between 20 to 40 “done for you” sales appointments every month.

Houston Consulting LLC had a company pivot recently and has narrowed its focus to two services. The first of these is handling all the traffic, leads, and apointments its clients need, and this is where it can help gyms in the texas area.

With the new service rollout, clients have seen effective results in a short space of time. Houston Consulting LLC highlights that a med spa got 13 appointments set in 3 days, while a local jiu-jitsu gym landed 25 appointments in one day.

Now the service is being launched to fitness centers throughout the state of Texas. Interested parties can get in touch to dramatically increase the appointment schedule.

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