Project Managers Can Survive and Thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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( — October 19, 2019) — Are you a project manager who has been in the field for many years? Have you been noticing the rather large trend that has seen technology truly revolutionize how project management is approached in general? With such a reliance on technology tools and software, it’s only natural that project managers have been left wondering if there is still a role for them to play and if their jobs will become obsolete in the future. 

As we enter into what is being called the fourth industrial revolution, which will see the rise of artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning, nanotechnology, and so much more, the good news is that the role of project managers will still exist – in fact, it’s even poised to thrive. 

Master the Project Management Software

One of the biggest changes that businesses will go through is the transition to project management software, such as popular ones listed on the DPM (The Digital Project Manager) blog on the “Top 10 Project Management Software of 2019”. While all the various software is certainly loaded with tools and benefits, it’s going to take trained personnel to operate it, make sense of the reports and findings, and truly get the most out of it. 

This opens a door for savvy project managers who are ready to change with the times, build upon their skill set, and offer employers what they will be looking for.

Automation tools are already making a big wave in the industry so now is the time to embrace these tools and find ways that they can enhance your job as a project manager, rather than make your job obsolete. 

Consider Virtual Opportunities and Freelancing

As the move towards technology continues, it also opens the door to project managers who are willing to work remotely and take on a variety of clients. There won’t be that need to be sitting in an office working for just one company, instead, the doors will open for you and you can create a home office and take on as many clients as you like. Variety in the clients you take and their industries can help to make your job all the more exciting and interesting on a daily basis.

Technology Can Free Up Your Time for Other Job Tasks

As a project manager, it can feel as though you are constantly juggling dozens of tasks and jobs at once. This can leave you feeling spread thin, and often things don’t get your full attention. By using the various technology and automated tools, it should be able to free up some of your time which will allow you to be more people-focused. 

Imagine being able to actually dedicate more time to building business relationships, speaking to employees at all levels of the process, and really taking that more hands-on approach.

The Future Looks Bright

So as the future continues to move in the direction of technology, automation, and artificial intelligence, there is still very much a need for project managers and an opportunity for them to thrive.