How to Buy Gym Accessories Without Overlooking Safety

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( — October 21, 2019) — Most people choose gym accessories based on price and brand. While safety is a major concern when exercising, especially at home, not many pay attention to how hazardous a workout accessory can be. It shouldn’t be the case. You should ideally purchase fitness accessories giving priority to safety before price. The brief guide below offers several must-know tips for purchasing the right equipment that won’t result in a higher risk of injury:

Purchase Accessories to Match Your Height and Weight

Even safety-guaranteed gym accessories can fail if you choose the wrong size. Treadmills are of particular concern here. The running belt on the treadmill should be long enough to support your stride without risking slipping. The length, therefore, would depend on your height. Manufacturers usually list how tall or heavy someone has to be to use treadmills. 

Pay attention to such small details when your purchase any type of fitness accessory. Some items may not be safe to use if you are too heavy for them, for example. It’s easy to get the details you need directly from the manufacturer. 

Read User Reviews Posted on Legitimate Websites

User reviews can indicate how well an item functions in use. Do take time to read user reviews for accessories posted on shopping sites. Alternatively, you can strictly purchase your weight lifting equipment from a trusted local brand that offers a quality guarantee. Do read both the negatives and the positives before you buy. If no user reviews are available, contact the seller directly for detailed information. 

Be Aware of Recall Notices 

In October 2019, NBC reported that 5,000 units of SPRI resistance bands for recalled for being unsafe. The ultra-heavy version of these bands apparently separated from the handles, resulting in injuries. Regulators recorded as many as 10 incidents. 

Like food, fitness accessories can get recall notices if they are known to cause injuries. If you are currently shopping for such items, it’s worthwhile to browse the news for recall notices. If you see branded items online with steep discounts, Google the brand first. Recall items should not be sold, but unscrupulous vendors may sell them online to unsuspecting buyers. 

Avoid Purchasing Used Accessories with Elastic Straps

Some exercise accessories include elastic straps or bands that wear out over time. Worn resistance bands aren’t as effective as in their original condition. Furthermore, stretched out elastic bands may pose a safety risk, especially if there are weights attached to them. This is not a major concern when you purchase gym accessories new. But you should be cautious when buying used items. 

It’s best to avoid used accessories as long as there are parts that can quickly get worn out. For example, in case you see tempting MMA equipment for sale that were once used, stick to items without elastic parts. You might want to avoid used wearable like boxing gloves as well. Stick to accessories you can sterilize and also won’t have to replace so soon. 

Read Warning Labels

Gym accessories may come with warnings that may get past the notice of some users. Make sure you read the instructions manual fully before starting to use an accessory. Warnings will be prominently displayed. You should learn about these warnings before you purchase the accessory ideally. To do that, read the product description carefully for important disclaimers. Be informed before making the final purchase. 

Never put safety of gym accessories behind the price, style, or design. Prioritize safety to ensure that you won’t risk a serious injury when working out. The above points should be enough to start with.