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( — October 21, 2019) — A new partnership has been announced between OSillyMe and Irish digital marketing agency Anndan Media. The agency will help to raise awareness for the breaking news site and increase global visitors.

OSillyMe has announced the acquisition of a new digital marketing company to manage their global promotion and advertising. Anndan Media is an Irish based online marketing agency known for its a cutting edge digital marketing techniques.

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OSillyMe is a breaking news website with a focus on the USA. It syndicates content and provides up-to-the-minute breaking news covering a wide variety of topics.

These include business news, entertainment news, general news, technology news and more. Visitors to the site can browse the whole site for a mix of news stories, or filter the content by categories.

The new partnership with Anndan Media will allow the company to expand its online presence and bring in more international readers. While the news site covers breaking topics with an American focus, international stories are also covered.

A recent story highlights that Canada’s real estate market is in full recovery, while a second covers the UK and EU negotiations in the Brexit deal.

Other top news stories include Turkey’s aggressive demands, Donald Trump’s decision to pull the US out of Syria, trade between the USA and China.

There are a number of advantages to browsing an online breaking news site for coverage of international stories. For example, it gives the reader a window into something different to what they normally read.

Unlike watching news on the TV or digesting it through the radio, visitors to OSillyMe can choose the stories they want to read. This means that they don’t have to waste time on topics and subjects they’re not interested in.

It also provides visitors to get news stories from all around the world all in one place. This leads to a more informed global view.

News stories on OSillyMe are the very latest available, and the site is continually updated with new pieces.

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