AC Repair Tricks – Saving You Money

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( — October 21, 2019) — There are a few AC repair tricks that reward more than a maintenance schedule. This gives you a good chance to save on energy bills and stay cool through the summer. While air conditioning repair can be quite costly, it’s something that we can avoid. Before hiring a professional, there are a few repair tricks that can help troubleshoot your system. Most of the AC problems are something we can fix. It’s not worth to spend a hundred dollars for an expert yet it’s something you can manage. Now, what are the common checks for air conditioner repair? 

AC Repair Tricks

Do you want your AC unit to run efficiently? Than it is crucial that you maintain your air conditioning unit frequently to prevent big costs from accruing. Read below for some tricks to repairing your air conditioner. 

Examine the Breaker

If your AC unit fails to start, then the chance is the breaker has a problem. Overloading the breaker with additional appliances will cause it to trip and the ac unit won’t function at all. Turn on the breaker and see if it starts to function again. Doing so will save you a great deal of money and stress. Read

Check Thermostat

The thermostat is another common part of the AC unit that causes a lot of havoc. Depending on what runs the unit, fixing a thermostat is quite easy. ReplACe the old battery with a new one for a system run by batteries. Also, the thermostat should be set below room temperature. Also, consider upgrading the mechanical model to a programmable thermostat.

Replace the Filter

Air conditioning filters need to be changed regularly for efficiency purposes. A dirty filter is likely to trigger malfunction problems that may damage your system. For instance, a clogged filter affects the smooth flow of air and this lowers cooling efficiency with the unit. The AC unit must work extra harder than it’s supposed to. The air also becomes dustier and filthier hence triggering health problems such as allergies. Meltdown any ice

An AC unit full of ice will not function properly. To melt the ice, just turn the unit off and allow only the fun to run. Also, turning the system off and allowing it too cool for some time will naturally melt the ice. 

Clean It

Mostly, dirty alone can make the system not to function properly. Just give it a good clean and all will be well. However, when cleaning, be careful not to destroy the fan blades. They are fragile and can break easily. Always turn off power when cleaning. You can use a garden hose to clean the dirt and grass clippings that have accumulated on the outside of the AC unit. 

Examine Your Ducts

This should ideally be done by an experienced professional to prevent any accidents. Check if the air is flowing out of the ducts. If not, try cleaning it to remove any debris blocking airflow.

Replace Unit Fan

Condenser fans tend to wear out as they age. Shut down the unit system and check whether the fans are in good condition. If not, replace the blades with new ones. You can also apply oil on the motor bearings to improve efficiency. 

Check Wiring 

Check for any signs of overheating and burned-like wires. Ensure all electrical connections are stable. If you notice too much pitting on the switch, replace it immediately. 

The above AC repair tricks can save you time and money if your air conditioning unit has issues. Remember that if the job it’s too complicated, hire a professional to ensure the job is being done correctly.