Sterling VA Full Mouth Dental Implants Restoration Dentist Treatments Launched

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( — October 23, 2019) — Sterling, VA — Sterling VA dental practice Potomac Falls Family Dentistry launched an updated range of restorative dentistry treatments including full mouth dental implants and restoration.

Potomac Falls Family Dentistry, launched an updated range of restorative dental services for patients of all ages in Sterling Virginia. The clinic helps patients restore teeth which are chipped, cracked, broken, discolored, or missing, by offering a wide array of procedures adapted to the needs, preferences and budgets of each patient.

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With their newly launched service the dental practice strives to provide a comprehensive restorative dental service package in Sterling VA adapted to the latest dental and medical innovations.

All treatments are preceded by an extensive initial consultation to determine the root cause of each patient’s dental issues.

Depending on the results of this consultation – which can include everything from a visual assessment to advanced X-rays – the dental team will create a custom treatment plan designed to restore the patient’s teeth to optimal condition.

The practice is able to complete certain minimally invasive restorative procedures in a single session, while other more complex treatments may require multiple dental visits.

Available services include crowns, bridges, dentures and implants.

Crowns are ideal ways to “cap” a damaged tooth, thus protecting it and improving its shape, appearance and alignment.

Bridges are designed to cover the gap between two teeth by placing false teeth between them. The Potomac Falls dental practice can provide traditional bridges, cantilever and resin-bonded bridges.

Finally, dentures and implants are also available for patients with multiple missing teeth.

With the latest update, Potomac Falls Family Dentistry continues to expand its range of high-quality dental treatments for patients in Potomac Falls and the surrounding areas.

A satisfied patient said: “I’ve been with Potomac Falls Family Dentistry since 2012 or 2013. They are the very best and I will not trust any other dental office to care for my family’s teeth. I really appreciate the warm environment and the relationship that I have developed with each member of the team.”

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