Mykonos Luxury Catamaran Charter Affordable Sailing Guide Report Launched

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( — October 22, 2019) — LuxSeaCharter Catamaran launched a full report on finding the best catamaran charters to Mykonos and the surrounding Greek islands.

LuxSeaCharter Catamaran, a website specializing in luxury charter information, launched a new report on how to find the best luxury catamaran charter to Mykonos, Greece. Also known as “the city of the winds”, Mykonos boasts one of Europe’s most idyllic seasides, and the report offers all the necessary information for anyone looking to book a luxury catamaran to Mykonos and its surrounding islands.

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The newly launched report aims to help anyone interested in the Cyclades find the best luxury catamaran charters to Mykonos and other islands.

According to the report, sailing navigation between the islands is the perfect way to enjoy the exotic sea and the unique Mediterranean scenery.

The report states: “Sailing on a luxury catamaran charter to the Greek islands is one of the most pleasurable ways to discover its myriad of islands, quaint fishing villages, lonely bays and remote islands. Whether it’s the bigger, more cosmopolitan islands with their spectacular beaches packed with sun-worshippers and exciting nightlife; or the quieter, off-the-beaten track destinations of the lesser-known Greece that strike a chord with you, sailing around these sun-kissed Greek Islands is surely an experience to be sought out.”

Readers will find a detailed description of the Cyclades and other Greek islands, as well as popular attractions such as the architecture, the vibrant night life, and the numerous pristine beaches.

The report also includes a detailed discussion on the benefits of catamaran sailing. Unlike standard monohull boats, the catamaran features two parallel hulls of equal size, making it much more stable and minimizing the risk of seasickness.

A catamaran can be anchored close to the beach or in shallow waters, meaning that it can be ideal for families with children or for novice swimmers.

Finally, the report recommends Yacht Rent, a reputable boat rental company, for anyone looking to find the best catamaran charters to Mykonos and the surrounding islands.

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