Droitwich UK Knee Surgery ACL Reconstruction Treatment Services Launched

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(Newswire.net — October 23, 2019) — Droitwich, UK — Newly updated ACL reconstruction treatment plans have been launched by Droitwich Knee Clinic. It is the oldest specialist knee clinic in the UK.

Droitwich Knee Clinic have launched an expanded service with treatments for anyone suffering from ACL injuries. The team provides anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and help to treat ligament injuries, which commonly occur from playing football and other sports.

More information can be found at: https://kneeclinics.co.uk

Droitwich Knee Clinic have launched their updated services so that more patients can get the treatments they need. When dealing with an ACL injury, it’s important to seek specialist help quickly.

Droitwich Knee Clinic is the oldest specialised knee clinic in the country, and provides local residents with high quality patient care.

One of the things that sets Droitwich Knee Clinic apart from other treatment clinics is that they strive for a customised approach to treatment.

By providing patients with a personalised treatment plan, which helps to ensure the most effective outcome.

Because Droitwich Knee Clinic has a professional clinical team all working closely under one roof, patients can get expert help from the consultation stage through to their after-care.

ACL injuries commonly occur during sports, especially when they involve sudden stops and starts. These can include football, basketball, cricket, and any form of athletics.

Droitwich Knee Clinic provides ACL reconstruction, where the torn ligament is removed and replaced with some tendon that’s taken from another part of their knee.

For those who are less active, it’s possible that physical therapy can successfully treat an ACL injury. But for those who are active and need high levels of mobility regularly, ACL reconstruction is recommended.

Droitwich Knee Clinic states: “Droitwich Knee Clinic utilises all manners of conservative management options including podiatry, sports medicine, sports injury services and uniquely its own on-site Physiotherapy clinic and expert team.”

It adds: “These combined can quite often successfully manage to delay surgery. As a result Droitwich Knee Clinic surgeons operate on less than 50% of patients that are referred – something we are very proud of!”

Full details of the newly expanded ACL reconstruction services can be found on the URL above.