AI ChatBot Sales-Oriented Avatar for Lead Generation and Conversion Launched

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( — October 23, 2019) — A new AI chatbot lead generation and customer engagement software has been launched, called ChatterPal. It helps to engage visitors and convert them into customers with 55 lifelike voices.

A new chatbot software service has been launched, called ChatterPal, which helps to boost engagement on any business website. It allows entrepreneurs and business owners to rapidly grow and scale their company using next-generation smart chat automation.

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The site explains that using ChatterPal, business owners can convert any ordinary website into a smart sales machine. ChatterPal is designed to engage visitors and captivate attention with cutting edge AI-powered chatbot services.

Business owners can use interactive 3D avatars and award-winning text to speech services to automate leads and sales without option forms or landing pages.

One of the key benefits of the new service launch is that business owners can create unlimited ChatterPals in any language using one-click translation. This allows business owners to increase sales on a global level.

The new software launch is designed to offer business owners personal assistant functionality on their website. The AI chatbot will be on the job 24/7, so that leads can be converted on autopilot and there’s no need to manually manage anything.

The first step of the process is to grab the visitor’s attention, then interact with them and get their questions answered. From there, the business owner can guide them into their sales funnel or store checkout page.

The ChatterPal site states: “By leveraging the power of AI, state-of-the-art Text-to-Speech, instant translation, 3D animation and lip-sync technology you’ll get better results and more revenue from your traffic than ever before. ChatterPal gives you your very own AI-powered personal chat agent, who’s always on the job!”

Business owners can create a custom branded avatar chat agent to match the theme and style of their website. There are 34 male, female and even animal avatars to choose from, with extensive customization available.

Alongside this, business owners get 55 different lifelike voices and regional accents to choose from, with one-click translation for over 25 languages.

Full details of the new software launch can be found on the URL above.