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(Newswire.net — October 24, 2019) — Premier Homes Plus Review of “The Home Lift Company That Changes Lives of Older and Less Mobile People, Up and Down the UK”, a new report on the importance of installing an affordable and compact home lift with the UK elevator company Stiltz Home Lifts.

Premier Homes Plus have just released their report on “Stiltz – The UK Home Lift Company That Changes Lives of Older and Less Mobile People, Up and Down the UK”, In this report, they cover the benefits of installing a home lift with industry experts Stiltz.

Stiltz specialize in home lifts and are based in Kingswinford, England. The elevator company Stiltz Home Lifts can vastly improve the quality of life for the elderly or those with disabilities, enabling them to live comfortably at home without having to be moved into a care home and giving them much more independence.

The full UK Stiltz Home Lift Review/Report can be found at: https://premierhomesplus.com

The newly launched report by Premier Homes Plus is dedicated to providing homeowners with a life-changing, innovative alternative to stairlifts. A Stiltz home lift can add great value to one’s home and is a very affordable solution for people who suffer from mobility issues or a disability that prevents them from moving around with ease.

The report notes that, unlike other lift companies, Stiltz Home Lifts designs and manufactures products that are not only functional but also very stylish, well-designed and have a well-thought-out user interface and unique safety features.

In addition, the Stiltz Home Lift requires minimal modifications to one’s home. As such, homeowners do not need planning permission to install a Stiltz Home Lift.

The report also states that a means-tested Disabled Facilities Grant is available for people who qualify. Clients will be required to have a home assessment, but the grant can offer up to £30,000 or more to eligible candidates.

In most cases, the process of ordering and installing a custom home lift is less than eight weeks, from start to finish. Installation can be done as quickly as one day.

According to the report, “If you’re worried about having to give up your independence as you get older – or because you suffer from mobility ​ issues or a disability which prevents you from moving around with ease – it might be time to consider a Stiltz Home ​ Lift. If you or one of your loved ones has limited mobility, it can be tough to find a Home Lift provider that is willing ​to work with your home’s layout and your unique needs.”

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