Personal Safety and Surveillance Store HD Hidden Camera Watch and DVR Launched

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( — October 24, 2019) — Protection Bay, a personal safety & surveillance store announced the launch of an HD hidden watch camera with built-in DVR. The camera watch records full HD video and captures images at a single click. The product ships to anywhere in the US.

Personal safety & surveillance store Protection Bay announced the launch of an HD Hidden Camera Watch & DVR device. The 1080p camera wristwatch is a personal surveillance device that features night vision capabilities for distances up to 3 feet.

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Today, cameras and DVR video recording equipment are cheaper, easier to set up, and are an effective deterrent to crime. Advancements in camera and computing technology allow these devices to be concealed inside watches, light bulbs, and other products.

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Protection Bay has announced the launch of a new HD hidden watch camera with built-in DVR. The product can take photographs and record videos in normal and low light conditions. Designed to resemble a standard wristwatch, the product features a durable case and watch band in silver.

The personal spy camera watch has 16 GB of flash memory storage and USB charging. The wristwatch camera takes photos at a resolution of 4352×3024 and records HD video at a resolution of 1920×1080. The hidden camera watch can operate for one hour on a full charge and requires 3 to 4 hours to attain full charge.

The HD hidden camera watch uses h.264 compression to record 1080p at 30fps and 720p video at 60fps. The product is covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty is bundled with a compatible USB cable.

According to a spokesperson for the Jacksonville, FL based personal safety retailer, “The HD hidden watch camera with built-in DVR is a great way to record personal footage in situations where the use of larger cameras is impossible. The watch can record conversations with spouses, at work, school, or capture photos & videos as evidence in emergency or conflict situations.”

Protection Bay is a nationwide online store and information portal for personal protection devices, survival equipment, and surveillance products. All products are covered by manufacturer’s warranty and shipped by UPS and USPS to all 50 states.

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