Multiple Studies Now Suggest Biotin Aids in Enhancing Brain Function

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( — October 31, 2019) Wilmington, DE — Today, more and more researchers are investigating into the powerful healing benefits of nutrients like biotin.

According to researchers, this B vitamin is vital in maintaining brain health. When there are inadequate levels of magnesium, there is usually a reduction in the formation of the fatty myelin sheaths surrounding the nerves.

Experts stress that these are vital in facilitating and conducting nerve impulses. Low levels of biotin compromises the functioning of these sheaths.

What makes it even more alarming is that it also triggers neurological problems like seizures, depression, lethargy, less muscle coordination, learning disabilities, and even hallucinations.

Maintaining healthy biotin levels, on the other hand, has been found helpful in staving off the development of certain cognitive diseases. These include dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers say that individuals who are genetically predisposed to degenerative cognitive disorders should pay extra attention to their biotin levels.

Some studies warn that biotin deficiencies could actually lead to a number of neurological disorders. They particularly include hypotonia, ataxia, seizures, developmental delays, fatigue, serious sensory and motor deficits, fatigue, and hair loss.

It may also lead to muscle weakness, lethargy, and respiratory health issues like difficulty breathing, rapid breathing, or wheezing.

Experts say that the brain is actually dependent on biotin more than any other organs inside the body. It is needed to maintain a healthy nervous system regulating gene expression.

There are excellent food sources of biotin, such as dark chocolate, almonds, berries, cauliflower, and peanut butter.

Biotin is actually a popular subject of clinical trials and research studies nowadays. This healing nutrient is involved in various processes inside the body. It is important to remember that its deficiency is also linked with certain symptoms and health issues.

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