Watch Size Trends – Factors to Consider

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( — October 25, 2019) — What are the watch size trends? Which trend will match your personality? Should you always buy leading brands to get the best size trends? All these questions might be bothering you if you give detailed attention to look your best.  Most of us normally focus on the latest clothes and shoes. But a few are concerned about their watches. 

Watch Size Trends

Now people are inclined towards online. They buy their watches and clothes from online retailers. They buy luxury watches and focus more on the design rather than size.  They do bother much about the size since it will not affect the fitting. But you should always choose the right size depending on your wrist. If your wrist is small, then a big size might not look impressive. Besides, you will have to consider some other factors to get the best size. Here are the details. 

Case Size

The case diameter is the key noticeable element to select the perfect watch. The case size for men watches will range between 38mm and 46mm. For a vintage timepiece, the size will be between 34 and 36. If you choose anything smaller than 38, it will look like women watches and any size above 46 will look over flashy. 

How to Choose the Right Size

For this, you will have to first measure your wrist. When the wrist size is six to seven inches, you can choose the case size between 38 and 42. When the size is eight, you can consider 44 to 46mm cases. If you know your proper size, it will also help you to get the right strap to ensure a perfect fit. A good watch will have a great fit. 

Some Other Factors to Go Through

In addition to the case size, you will have to go through the thickness of the case and strap material and type to decide the size. 

The case thickness is related to the diameter of the case size. The large size will have more thickness than the smaller ones. The complicated watches are thicker.  It is suggested to go with a simpler one to get the desired thickness. Now, many popular brands are focusing on the lightweight watch. 

Also, you will have to choose the right bandwidth. Make sure that the width is half of the case diameter. When the strap size will be too small or large, it will not look good. The material of the band will also have a deciding role. When the metal brands will be heavier, the leather straps will be sporty.  You can choose any material depending on your preference. 

Other things like second hands, hours, and numbers will ensure that your watch size is proper or not. When the details are larger, your watch will look larger. Make sure that all these components are complimenting the other elements of your watch to get an overall appealing appearance. 


Watch size trends can be decided by combining all these factors. Watches are great summer accessories or a great gift. Once you like a brand or watch, first go through all the above features to know that the size is perfect for your wrist. You should never consider a big size one especially when your wrist is small.