Fitness Studio Automated Member Acquisition Marketing Program Launched

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( — October 25, 2019) — A new membership growth program has been launched by FitLeads, the New York based marketing specialists for fitness studios and gyms. The AutoMember Acquisition Program helps clients to diversify their lead generation and convert new members.

A new marketing program has been launched for US fitness studio owners looking to get new members. Called the FitLeads AutoMember Acquisition Program, it is designed to help studios grow and increase their membership in a more streamlined way.

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Based in New York, FitLeads helps fitness studio owners across America install a predictable marketing system and sales process. This is designed from the ground up to help them attract and convert new members.

Reaching new members and increasing signups is one of the biggest challenges facing gyms and fitness centers. With the rise in popularity of at-home apps and the improvement in technology, more people are choosing to work out at home.

One of the problems that fitness studio owners run into is relying on just one single strategy for growth. The Membership Acquisition program from FitLeads helps them to diversify.

It allows for multiple lead generation strategies to be used at once, reaching more prospects and bringing in more members.

FitLeads explains that the training program contains a number of proven processes and strategies to help fitness centers grow. They can be implemented by franchises, independent boutique studios, and franchises looking to scale their membership.

The company was created to provide fitness studio owners with the knowledge and tools they need to take their centers to new heights. With the tools provided, they can run their own marketing programs internally without the need to work with outside agencies.

FitLeads states: “We’re a fitness marketing consulting company helping fitness studio owners across the United States innovate their sales process and increase their monthly EFT by implementing a predictable member attraction and conversion system.”

The program helps clients to innovate their sales process and increase their monthly EFT through its unique member attraction system.

Full training is provided, and weekly calls with the team can be arranged to discuss strategies.

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