Occupational Therapist Duties – Their Key Roles

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(Newswire.net — October 25, 2019) — Occupational therapists treat injured, ill or disabled patients with the help of special equipment and therapeutic use. They will help the patients by regaining, improving and developing new skills that are much needed for your day to day life and work. The main occupational therapist duties are to provide long-term patient care. There are many duties and responsibilities of an occupational therapist. Mainly the organization seeks for a licensed and properly trained occupational therapist. 

Occupational Therapist Duties

So, if you are looking or the duties and responsibilities that are carried out by the occupational therapists, then you are at the right place. There are many duties of being a professional occupational therapist. You need to understand the duties and we have jotted down all the duties and responsibilities they have.

Roles of an Occupational Therapist

When working in occupational therapy, their main role is to conduct physical assessment of the clients. They also help in developing the treatment plans, and assessing the home as well as work environments of clients. Their duty is to help in developing the physical rehabilitation programs. This way it will be helpful for the patients to get back their lost confidence. Their duty is to make patients comfortable and keep the treatment going unless and until the patients are completely cured.

Responsibilities of an Occupational Therapist

While there are various jobs within occupational therapy, here are some of the responsibilities that occupational therapists do when they are in this occupation. These are:

1. They have to conduct a psychological and physical assessment of clients and develop a treatment plan which will be completely suitable for them.

2. The occupational therapists have to assess the work and home environments of the clients for deciding what the adjustments are for. Based on that, they have to work on it.

3. Occupational therapists have to advise on the adaptive equipment for helping clients with some daily activities that can help them to develop their skills and stability.

4. It is also the responsibility of the occupational therapist to develop a physical rehabilitation program for helping the clients in regaining any lost skills. 

5. Also, they have to prepare the clients in such a way that they can return back to their work.

6. Occupational therapists typically need to educate the family members and caregivers of the clients on the care that must be taken for the patients.

7. They will also evaluate the result and progress of the occupational therapy on the clients.

Besides these, the occupational therapists have to maintain professional knowledge and technical progress in order for providing clients with the best in class treatment program. They also have to evaluate the patient’s condition regarding the basic physical and mental health.


So, these are some of the occupational therapist duties that are important. With all the duties and responsibilities, one has to be very patient with the clients.  It is important to handle the client with utmost care providing all the comforts to them. Also, an occupational therapist must be aware of the local, state or federal laws of this certification.