Specialist Physician Mortgage Products Exclusive Medical Loans Service Launched

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(Newswire.net — October 26, 2019) — A new loan comparison service for doctors has been launched, helping them to get family home loans with no down payments. It is available to MD, DO, DDS and DMD health professionals.

A new home loan comparison service for doctors has been launched by RX Lending, offering health professionals access to loans that rewards their commitment to helping others. RX Lending started in response to the growing demand for physician mortgage products, and is known for its high quality service.

More information can be found at: https://rxlending.com

The new mortgage service is a specialty product designed exclusively with medical professionals in mind. RX Lending explains that most medical experts they work with had no idea that such options existed.

Doctors signing up to the new service can get access to the best physician mortgage products available. All the banks and mortgage services listed are vetted for their high quality.

The team at RX Lending explains that each of the loans on offer provides a number of advantages for doctors signing up. No down payment is required for loans of up to $650k, and low down payment is available on loans of up to $1.75 million.

Doctors need no mortgage insurance for their family home, and with a FICO score of 700+ they may qualify for loans of up to $1.25 million with only 5% down and no reserves required.

This means that doctors and health professionals can keep their capital for their family and business, while maximizing their borrowing potential. They can do all this without the extra costs of mortgage insurance that a normal loan would burden them with.

The RX Lending site details all of the best physician loan products available on the market. They do not endorse specific institutions, but rather have compared the available options and help clients to make a more informed decision.

RX Lending states: “We pride ourselves in knowing our information is as accurate as possible and want to ensure you are getting the best products available. The banks and mortgage professionals listed here have all been vetted, have the best physician mortgage products on the market, and are here to serve you.”

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