Clothing Size Generator Clothing Industry App to Reduce Returns Launched

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( — October 28, 2019) — A newly launched clothes size app has been launched, called TailorGuide. It provides customers with an accurate sizing guide and helps stores to reduce return rates due to sizing errors.

A new app for clothing retailers and online stores has been launched, called TailorGuide. It helps to increase profits and sales opportunities for online stores and entrepreneurs in the fashion and clothing industry.

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The newly launched app helps to solve a series of problems for retailers and online stores.

For many retailers, they often have to deal with frustrations and hassle from customers who order clothes and then want to return them because they’re the wrong size.

Issues arise with time waiting for the product, and there is unnecessary admin work associated with every aspect of handling returns.

What’s more, since free shipping has become the norm, online retailers and clothing stores face losses from returns. If entrepreneurs could cut the returns they receive due to sizing in half, they would see a drastic increase in profits.

That’s where the newly launched app can help. It has 80-90% accuracy in sizing, helping to drastically increase profit margin.

An additional benefit to using the new app is that businesses can increase sales. This is because, once the customer is confident in sizing, they are more likely to proceed with the sales process.

By offering customers the chance to replicate the tailoring process, stores can increase sales and boost customer loyalty.

The app is easy to use, and allows customers to know their exact size while buying. Customers just have to download the app, create their profile, and generate an accurate measurement from just two photos.

TailorGuide provides benefits to both the customer and the online store. While the store gets to increase sales and improve their profit, the customer can shop more reliably knowing they’re getting a great fit.

With an accurate size in mind, customers can get a more fitted look with their clothes. This allows them to highlight their personal style more reliably, save time and effort, and reduce hassle.

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