Scientists Now Found Ashwagandha Is an All-Natural Weapon Against Free Radicals

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( — November 7, 2019) Orlando, FL — Today, an increasing number of people are considering the use of natural remedies like ashwagandha. This powerful disease-fighting herb is widely studied by researchers, and it gains more and more attention from consumers.

According to experts, free radicals can come from varying sources. They can wreak havoc on health, and this is why the body should be protected from them.

Ni’Kita Wilson, cosmetic chemist, says that the majority of free radicals in our bodies are called reactive oxygen species, or ROS.

Wilson is the CEO and director of innovation at Catalyst Cosmetic Development and founder of Skinects.

“These free radicals are the byproduct of cell metabolism and are necessary for our bodies’ biological processes,” she adds.

It is important to remember that excessive ROS can produce a chain reaction of damage via the creation of extra free radicals.

Health authorities warn against the sources of free radicals, such as the metals in pollution, stress, smoke, and unhealthy diet.

It is worth mentioning that free radicals can target DNA, and this eventually places the body at a risk of developing conditions like cancer. When it comes to beauty, free radicals have been found to attack proteins like lipids and collagen.

It is important to understand that collagen is the structural layer of the skin while the lipids are the skin’s defensive barrier. When this happens, it leads to dryness, lackluster skin, and wrinkles earlier than normal.

Scientists have been investigating the all-natural ways to fight free radicals, and it includes the use of ashwagandha.

A thyroid study was carried out, and it involved the daily use of ashwagandha in adult mice for 20 days. It has been found that the treatment led to a reduction in the lipid peroxidation in the livers of these mice.

Investigators reveal that this process called lipid peroxidation occurs when the harmful free radicals steal electrons from lipids, which make up the cells’ protective membranes. This damages the cells they are supposed to protect.

Scientists suggest ashwagandha may significantly decrease the severity of free radical-induced damage in the liver.

Ashwagandha has also been discovered to improve the activity of other antioxidant enzymes. These are the enzymes that are found naturally in the liver, such as superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase. This means ashwagandha enhances overall antioxidant activity inside the body.

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