Santa Monica Pilates Exercise for Flexibility & Strength Video Launched

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( — November 1, 2019) — Tribe Pilates has launched a new video showing the health and fitness benefits it can offer. Pilates is known for improving flexibility and strength while also being able to reduce stress and anxiety.

Tribe Pilates has launched a new video showcasing the benefits of pilates for local residents in Santa Monica, CA. Tribe Pilates was founded by Emily and Kris in 2018, with the vision of helping the local community to achieve their fitness goals.

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Tribe Pilates is a new studio teaching people in Santa Monica the benefits of pilates. Traditionally, pilates is a series of around 500 exercises with roots in calisthenics, yoga and ballet.

The new video launched by Tribe Pilates covers what pilates is, and how it has become a popular trend due to its many health benefits.

It works by stretching and lengthening the the major muscle groups in the body, but in a balanced fashion. In this way it can help to improve balance, strength and flexibility.

Pilates works based on intense concentration rather than working muscles to exhaustion. It has a range of benefits for sportspeople, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and any practitioners in general.

For example, it can lead to improved flexibility, increased muscle strength, improved posture, and more. In addition to this, it is often recommended for rehabilitation or the prevention of injuries occurring due to muscle imbalances.

The video from Tribe Pilates highlights that the practice mainly targets the deep core abdominal muscles. It can also lead to improved sleep, and reduced stress levels.

Santa Monica residents are encouraged to get in touch with Tribe Pilates to try it out and see if it can be the right exercise for them.

Tribe Pilates states: “Our Pilates reformer classes are designed to deliver your fitness goals. We will shape and sculpt your total body with our Pilates reformers, which are specially designed exercise machines that utilize a spring-based resistance training method for challenging workouts.”

They add: “A consistent Pilates reformer practice will create strong, lean muscles and a flexible, balanced body. You will love the way you feel with each Pilates class and inspired to come back for more.”

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