Here’s How Horse Racing Has Evolved over Time

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( — November 1, 2019) — Horse racing is a sport that is based on both tradition and history. It has been played since ancient times and it continues to be played across the world. If you want to find out more about horse racing and how it has changed over the years, then take a look below.

Early History

Horse racing is quite possibly one of the oldest sports in the world. It originated in Middle Asia around 4500 BC. It then spread to other cultures and it grew in popularity even more. It then became very common from the Roman Empire. The first formal documentation of horse racing as a sport can easily be traced back to the Panhellenic games. It was very popular among wealthy people and this is because the cost of breeding horses was so high. Horse racing was also strictly a man’s sport as women were not allowed to be trainers or jockeys. If you flash-forward to today, you can easily see that a lot of this has changed, in fact, women are now both trainers and jockeys. If you want to learn about horse racing now, then check out Sportez.

Evolution of Horse Racing

Over the years, horse racing has evolved into a lot of different forms. The most popular form is flat racing. This involves horses galloping between two points, on a straight or even an oval track. When you look at the 1920’s you’ll see that horses would often be lined up across the track with a barrier of tape blocking them in. Even the riding styles have evolved too. It doesn’t matter whether you were a jumper, hunter or jockey because people often adopted their own stance.


The horse racing community has really opened up. When you look at the year 1920, you will see that it was a major sporting event for the affluent. It is now much more widespread and race tracks are much more accessible too. The sport has also been opened up, and it is now much more of a female’s game. This is great because it means that there is no discrimination and it’s also much fairer.

Horses and Breeding

Horses are now way more versatile when compared. Thoroughbreds have been used for a huge range of equestrian sports and they are not used solely as racing horses. They are put through various breeding and management processes. Breeding horses are shuttled across the world to breed up to 400 mares a year. This is much more than the 40 mares that were bred in the 1920s. Today’s racing horses are way better fed, and they are also given premium food too. This reduces the risk of them developing any health problems.

Health Practices

Better veterinary practices have really changed the game and it has also meant that horses have been given much better health management too. Injured horses were once euthanised on the spot, whereas horses now have access to way better health care, and they are also able to live longer and happier lives.