Tenerife Estate Agent Villas and Apartments For Sale Seller Advice Service Launch

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(Newswire.net — November 2, 2019) — Tenerife Estate Agents has launched an updated service for sellers looking to sell their apartment or home in Tenerife. They provide expert guidance every step of the way.

Tenerife Estate Agents have launched an updated service for anyone looking to sell their apartment in the Tenerife area. They work with clients wondering how to sell their apartment, studio flat, villa, or Tenerife property and pride themselves on high quality service.

More information can be found at: https://tenerifeestateagents.net/selling

With their new launch, Andy Ward from Tenerife Estate Agents provides competitive, up to date and quality Tenerife property listings. The company also offers expert advice, and full service solutions for anyone looking to sell their Tenerife home.

Tenerife Estate Agents has a focused vision that sees them offering quality and clear advice to sellers. This helps to ensure they know what to expect when going through the sales process.

For those looking to sell their Tenerife home, put their Tenerife apartment on the market, or get estate agent advice for selling in Tenerife, the team can provide expert guidance.

They know that many people have a lot of questions when looking to sell their apartment in the Tenerife area. For example, they may be wondering how much does it cost to sell a property in Tenerife? What taxes need paying? What documents are needed?

These are all points that Tenerife Estate Agents can help with when selling property in the area.

The process begins with the team ascertaining whether the client is a resident or non resident, because this affects taxes and payments going forward.

There are a number of things to consider when selling an apartment or home in Tenerife, especially when doing so as a non resident. Non resident sellers have to pay 3% of the sale price “in lieu of capital gains tax” while another tax to consider is plusvalia.

Tenerife Estate Agents can help clients with every aspect of their sale. They provide guidance on what to expect, all the payments to consider, and more.

The owner, Andy Ward states: “I firmly believe the service I offer is something quite unique and a service which is very much needed in order to drag the Tenerife property market and Tenerife Estate Agents into the 21st Century.”

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