Accent Reduction Training American English Pronunciation Course Report Launched

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( — November 14, 2019) — Reduce Sloppy Speech launched a full report on PronunciationPro, an online course on how to reduce foreign accent and speak better American English.

Reduce Sloppy Speech, a website specializing in English pronunciation resources, launched a new report on PronunciationPro, an online course designed to help participants improve their American English pronunciation. The online training features a variety of resources including more than 35 video lessons, downloadable worksheets and MP3s, and many others.

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The new report aims to provide an objective overview of the popular American English pronunciation course.

According to the report, poor speech and hard-to-comprehend pronunciation are serious issues which can have a negative impact on one’s personal and professional life.

PronunciationPro helps participants reduce their foreign accent and develop optimal pronunciation habits to sound more like a native American English speaker.

The course is based on the latest scientific research and extensive hands-on experience, and has already helped numerous participants improve their English pronunciation and fluency.

In addition to complete access to the video courses, participants also benefit from personalized training with a certified American Accent Trainer. These live study groups are organized three times a week and allow students to ask questions and get feedback on specific issues that interest them.

The report states that another important benefit of the online course is its supportive community allowing participants to learn from each other.

The latest Reduce Sloppy Speech report also includes several testimonials on the online American English pronunciation course.

A satisfied participant said: “This English course is one of the most important things I have accomplished here in America. It’s impacted my entire life. I cannot imagine that I am able now to speak to native English speakers without them asking me to repeat myself again. The structure the of the course makes it easy for nonnative English speakers, like me. I would definitely recommend it.”

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