Self-Hypnosis for Sugar Addiction Overcome Dependency Track Launched

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( — November 4, 2019) — A new self-hypnosis program has been launched with a focus on overcoming sugar addiction. Created by Dr Steve Jones, it is specially designed to help Americans overcome their dependency on sugar

A new self-hypnosis program has been launched with a focus on helping people to overcome their sugar addiction. Launched by Dr Steve G Jones, it was designed to make the mind desire more beneficial habits so that people across the US can improve their health.

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Dr Steve Jones explains that his newly launched self-hypnosis track was developed from the ground up. The track was created to help combat sugar addiction and allow people to gain control of their mind when it starts craving sugar.

Research shows that sugar addiction is climbing in the US, with many people even eating up to three desserts a day. The average American consumes around 80 grams of sugar per day, which is over double the recommended daily intake.

Part of the reason for this is that there are many foods that seem healthy, but contain high sugar content. Part of it is the easily accessible and cheap junk food and snacks, alongside fizzy drinks.

This can be a problem because people develop emotional and physical dependence on sugary food. This form of sugar addiction is growing and can have life-threatening consequences.

Dr Steve Jones says that it can be a difficult process to overcome a sugar addiction, but it is possible. One of the key elements to breaking the addiction is finding the trigger and combating it.

According to Dr Jones, one of the first steps to overcoming sugar addiction is to gain awareness that the urge is there in the first place. The crucial next step is to not give in to the urge.

He states: “I’ve developed a specific self-hypnosis track that I use with my one-on-one clients that causes your mind to stop craving sugar.”

He adds: “The other really powerful thing about this track is that it is infused with Subaudible Soundwave Technology, which allows you to shift to a lower brainwave state (and a higher state of vibration) more quickly, and easily, than regular meditation audio tracks.”

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