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( — November 4, 2019) — Best-selling author Peggy Mccoll launched “Write a Book and Become a Best-Selling Author”, a new step-by-step webinar teaching students the essentials of self-publishing and making their book a New York Times Best Seller.

Best-selling author Peggy Mccoll announced the launch of “Write a Book and Become a Best-Selling Author”, a new online training course dedicated to teaching people how to write, publish and make their own book a New York Times Best Seller. This new Committed Author Training Course will provide participants with the right set of skills needed to self-publish their book and create their own successful business.

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There are countless benefits to being a best-selling author, from a receiving regular income and creating a wealth-generating business to making a positive impact through one’s writing. The newly launched “Write a Book and Become a Best-Selling Author” webinar by Peggy Mccoll aims to help participants write, publish and market their books as fast and as efficiently as possible.

Becoming a best-selling author implies more than simply writing and publishing a book. It requires a true commitment to making a positive impact in the world and building a business aligned with one’s unique life purpose.

Peggy Mccoll is a New Your Times Best Selling Author who has created 13 books, translated into 37 languages, distributed in over 82 countries around the world. She is dedicated to helping authors and entrepreneurs create best-sellers internationally and build their brand worldwide.

Throughout the course, Peggy will walk her students step by step through the process of becoming a best-selling author so they can build their credibility, increase their influence and grow their business.

According to Dynamic Destinies Inc., “Being an author – especially a Best-Selling Author – stamps you as the ‘go-to’ expert, and gains you instant credibility, recognition, and opportunities. And now, with all the incredible things happening in the e-book market (like the New York Times e-book Best-Seller list, sales growth out-stripping hard copy books, and higher royalty options through Amazon) the potential for your career, business, and income is greater than ever.”

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