Sighs and Highs Unisex Custom Hoodie Run Better Than The Government Released

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( — November 5, 2019) — A new unique unisex hoodie by Sighs and Highs has been released. “I Run Better Than The Government” is a fashionable, cozy, soft hoodie that reminds users of the importance of staying active and leading a successful outdoor life.

Sighs and Highs, a company that specializes in cycling, walking and outdoor gear and clothing, announced the release of a new custom unisex hoodie design “I Run Better Than The Government.” The hoodie is made out of cotton and polyester. It is cozy and comfortable and can be used for running and walking.

The hoodie I Run Better Than The Government is available for purchase online at

The Sighs and Highs team pride themselves on curating the latest and greatest tech on the market and offering high-quality products for the body and the spirit. The Sighs and Highs’ clothing collections are designed specifically for users interested in cycling, running, hiking, camping, fishing and all kinds of healthy, relaxing outdoor activities.

The newly released hoodie ” I Run Better Than The Government” is stylish and casual, yet looks dressed up enough to wear on a date night.

The designers of the hoodie revealed that the idea for creating the unisex hoodie “I Run Better Than The Government” was to remind clients and others that being active can give a person a better perspective on life: it can make them more efficient, healthier, more honest and debt-free.

A company representative shares, “No matter how bad you are at running, one thing is certain: you’re better at running than the government. The government does crazy things, but you are steady, honest and hardworking. You live, work and bring up your family with integrity. You have nothing to be ashamed of!”

Sighs and Highs are on a mission to encourage more people to lead an active life. They would like to see more people enjoying the benefits of running, walking, cycling, camping. They believe that the outdoors offers many opportunities for bonding with family and friends, meeting new people, developing new skills, reducing stress and major sicknesses and improving one’s overall well-being.

The “I Run Better Than The Government” Hoodie is soft and smooth. It features a double-lined hood and a front pouch pocket and comes in different sizes ( from S to 4XL). Satisfied customers claim that the Sighs and Highs hoodies are a higher class of hoodies and strongly recommend the brand products.

Interested parties can learn more about the Sighs and Highs’ new collections at