Clinical STD Testing By Mail Mycoplasma Genitalium Lab Tests Report Launched

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( — November 4, 2019) — By Mail Testing launched a full report on the popular myLAB Box at-home STD tests, including a brief guide on how to order clinical STD tests by mail.

By Mail Testing, a website specializing in objective information on certified lab testing by mail, launched a new report on the myLAB Box STD at-home tests. The report offers an overview of Mycoplasma Genitalium, as well as a presentation of the main features of the popular at-home STD test.

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The new report aims to provide a balanced review of an increasingly popular clinical STD at-home test, an effective way to discover any STDs quickly and confidentially.

Readers will find easy to read information on how myLAB Box test works, thus being able to decide if the at-home test kit meets their needs.

The report explains that the first step of the process is registering online and choosing the type of test needed. In addition to STD tests, the lab also provides a variety of fertility and general wellness tests for men and women.

The company then sends the test kit in a discrete package by mail. The tests are easy to perform and take between 5 and 10 minutes to finish.

Individuals send the kit back by e-mail and receive their results as early as five days after sending the samples.

Since the test is performed at home and analyzed by independent, highly confidential medical labs, the entire process ensures high standards of privacy and confidentiality.

According to the report, the new at-home STD tests are ideal for those looking for high-quality clinical tests they can perform in the privacy of their home.

The report explains: “These medical services provide you the best of all worlds. You have the peace of mind knowing about your health and you have the discretion and privacy of performing the tests yourself in your home. This is the evolution of healthcare in today’s world. It is fantastic!”

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