Foreclosure Tax Liens and Tax Deeds Investment Strategies Online Training Launched

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( — November 4, 2019) — Tax Lien Alliance launched its onlinetraining Masterclass for foreclosure tax liens & tax deeds investment strategies. Available as one-to-one phone and videoconferencing sessions, the training focuses on helping investors make risk-free foreclosures on tax liens & find high-ROI tax liens on the secondary market.

Tax Lien Alliance announced the launch of online training for foreclosure on tax liens & tax deeds investment strategies. This Masterclass covers the foundational knowledge that new investors need to enter the tax lien investment market and covers an effective yet risk-free method to foreclose on tax liens.

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The newly launched masterclass arms participants with the knowledge and skills to benefit from the tax lien markets. In recent years, investing in tax liens and tax foreclosure deeds has gained popularity among individual and institutional investors.

Buying liens from municipalities and other lien holders are a way for investors to enter the market without investing in property. However, foreclosing on these liens is not easy and places investors at the risk of losing their entire investment on a lien.

Tax Lien Alliance has launched free online training sessions to help new investors find safe foreclosable tax liens on the secondary market. The sale of a tax lien transfers the right to collect taxes, penalties, and interest from the original lien holder to a new investor. Secondary market tax lien opportunities come from large institutional investors such as banks, lenders, and other existing large investor lien inventories.

The investor participates in a lien auction, bidding against others for tax liens and foreclosure deeds that are sold based on interest rates. Auction winners are individuals or institutions who pay a premium or accept the lowest bid interest rate. The property owner then has a redemption period of 1 to 3 years to pay the tax amount & interest to the winning investor.

Tax Lien Alliance offers expert guidance to help real estate investors understand the tax lien market and make smart & profitable purchases. The online training sessions are hosted by investor and educator Todd Ashton and highlight ways to make low-risk and high-return tax lien investments anywhere in the US.

The company relies on four major pillars of foreclosure tax deed investment: Find, Vet, Evaluate, and Verify. Training sessions are available as one-to-one telephone and video conference calls.

The tax lien Masterclass focuses on foreclosable tax liens and profitable investment strategies to acquire properties at 5 to 10 percent of their market value.

The Tax Lien Alliance online training includes access to pre-vetted lists and an unlimited inventory. The company helps new investors obtain initial business funding for tax liens and explains the little-known nuances of safely foreclosing on them.

According to a spokesperson for Tax Lien Alliance, “The Tax Lien Alliance training method ensures that you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of tax lien and deed investing as well as how to properly apply them for maximum results. It is critical to have solid foundational knowledge to succeed in this business.”

Tax Lien Alliance is based in Provo, UT south of Salt Lake City. The company is headed by Founder and CEO Todd Ashton.

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