Smart-Lock Waterproof and Fireproof Storage Cabinets for Guns & Jewelry Now in US

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( — November 6, 2019) — Home Office Protection has reviewed a new type of smart-lock waterproof & fireproof modular storage safe designed for the optimal protection of firearms and other valuables. Now available to the general public in the US!

Home Office Protection has reviewed an improved range of home and office secure storage cabinets originally designed for the US military, but now available to the general public in the US. These robust storage units provide a unique, ultralight, flexible/modular solution for the safe storage of guns, jewelry and any other valuables. These popular cabinets are also fireproof and waterproof.

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This new storage solution design is perfect for most home and office situations where owners need to protect their weapons and valuables locked up and away from kids, thieves, fire, and flooding. It’s no wonder that the popularity of these affordable units has increased exponentially in recent months.

Gun owners in the United States have realized the need to invest in quality storage solutions that will not expose the people they wish to protect, to danger. Storage cabinets that are flimsy and easy to open, leave dangerous weapons easily accessible to young children and intruders. Valuables such as jewelry, antiques and important papers can be easily stolen or otherwise destroyed by fire, rust, mildew and flooding if not properly stored and protected.

These new storage cabinets are ultralight and use modern access technology along with a durable construction that protects against fire and water. They are built using the same professional-grade design and craftsmanship used by the US military. In addition, these storage cabinets are hundreds of pounds lighter than traditional gun vaults. This makes them easier to handle and far less expensive.

Flexibility is a key feature since the storage space in these cabinets can be customized and optimized according to the specific requirements for storing weapons, documents and other keepsakes. The modular design and heavy-duty steel construction makes them easy to assemble.

They feature recessed, piano-hinge swing doors with a three-point locking. The doors also have compartments and organizers to provide additional storage. The gun storage cabinet can be customized with bins of different sizes with dividers, magnetic hooks, metal trays, and shelves.

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