Is Canada’s ACMPR Program the Key to Improving Health?

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( — November 6, 2019) — Canada is one of the most progressive countries in the world when it comes to cannabis. The government officially legalized recreational cannabis in 2018, and cannabis for medical purposes has been legal for decades. But now that recreational weed is legal throughout the provinces, many people are wondering what will happen to the medical cannabis program – the ACMPR. 

To be completely honest, it is very unlikely that the ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) is going anywhere. Recreational and cannabis consumption are completely different entities, so the medical program will be around in some form or another for years to come. 

The Process of Receiving a Medical Grow License in Canada

Companies like Cannabis Growing Canada are working tirelessly to help Canadians get licensed to grow their own medical plants from home. Because so many people in the past have taken advantage of the medical growing program, getting a license on your own is difficult. This is where an ACMPR consulting service can help.

Step 1: Getting a Prescription for Medical Marijuana 

In order to get licensed to grow in Canada, the first step is to find a physician who is willing to write you a medical marijuana prescription. This is the hard part, and it’s where having a service like Cannabis Growing Canada on your side could be the best thing you ever do. You’ll be directly linked up with a doctor that compassionate enough to write you a prescription for the amount that you actually feel you need. 

Step 2: Filling Out the Government Paperwork

Once you’ve received a prescription, the hard part may be done, but the work is far from over. It’s time to fill out the lengthy government forms, send in the application along with the official medical document, and wait for the approval. Most people are approved as long as there is nothing fishy about the application and everything is completed properly.

Step 3: Wait Patiently for Approval

This is the easiest step, but it is often the most frustrating part of the process. Step 3 is simply a waiting game, and we all know that most governments are not quick to take action. But soon as your registration form arrives in the mail, you’re good to start growing the approved number of plants. 

Why the ACMPR is the Key to Improving Health

Receiving an ACMPR license to grow from home or the equivalent license in your country of residence is one of the easiest ways to boost health. Using cannabis in an appropriate way has the potential to boost both physical and mental health. Research shows that cannabis is amazing for treating chronic pain, alleviating anxiety and depression, and even reducing the instances of seizures in epileptics. 

But why grow from home, why not just visit a medical clinic or dispensary? Growing from home is the easiest way to cultivate the appropriate strain for your specific medical conditions. Not only that, but it means you won’t have to pay outrageous prices of government and dispensary-grown weed.