Experts Now Warn Osteopenia Increasingly Strikes Men 35 to 50 Years

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( — November 14, 2019) Orlando, FL — Bone health issues continue to affect more and more people today. It is important to realize that such problems can progress into serious conditions like osteoporosis.

In a study, it has been found that a precursor to osteoporosis called osteopenia increasing strikes men 35 to 50 years of age. While osteoporosis is known to affect seniors, osteopenia usually happens to people of any age.

In this research, it has been particularly found that an increasing number of middle-aged men may have osteopenia. This pertains to a number that is greater than women sufferers.

Experts say that osteopenia produces weakening of the bones and can eventually lead to osteoporosis. The investigators of this research looked into the bone mineral density in the necks and hips of 173 adult men and women in early middle age.

The study findings revealed that 23 men (28 percent) and 24 women (26 percent) exhibited significant signs of osteopenia.

According to Dr. Kanika Monga, osteopenia marks below-normal levels of bone mineral in bone tissue, also known as bone mineral density, which means weaker bones.

Dr. Monga is a rheumatology fellow with McGovern Medical School at UT Health and UT Physicians in Houston.

“Osteoporosis is also marked by below-normal levels of bone mineral density, but to a more severe extent that will predispose patients to fractures,” she added.

Scientists continue to carry out studies to determine the best possible, drug-free ways to enhance and protect bone health. The good news is that some medicinal mushrooms like lion’s mane may potentially aid in fighting osteoporosis due to its ability to increase bone density.

This natural healing ingredient has been found to work wonders in improving bone density and bone strength in rat subjects. Researchers suggest that it could inhibit the production of osteoclasts, which are cells that break down bone tissue.

Through this mechanism alone, lion’s mane shows promise in protecting bone health. It is vital to realize that the use of this healing ingredient is also linked with a myriad of health benefits. This is why today, more and more experts are studying on this kitchen ingredient especially in the ways it fights diseases.

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