How to Make Moving Easier – Key Tips and Tricks

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( — November 14, 2019) — Are you planning to move? Do you want to know how to make moving easier? Moving is stressful for all. You will have to take care of a lot of things to make moving easier and smooth.  The most important thing is careful planning. You will have to plan everything to avoid any last minute confusion. 

How to Make Moving Easier

If your moving date is due shortly within a month, start planning at this moment. You will have to start researching the available transportation options and the most suitable time to make it cost-effective. With proper planning, you can make moving smooth and even fun. 

How to Plan for a Move 

Know Your Moving Day

You need to know your moving day much before so that you can plan accordingly. Start packing the things that you hardly use. Also, you should never consider transporting the items that you are not using. Many of us have a habit of storing things even if we do not use them once in the future. Get rid of all those items. 

Pack Chargers

We pack chargers at the last moment since you need them almost every day. You cannot pack them much before moving. However, you can make a list of chargers and pack all those that will not be used during this period. 

Pack Your “Open Me First” Box 

You should pack all your important things in this box. This box needs to have everything that you will need soon after reaching your new home. It will include your personal items and some accessories such as blankets, purses, bedsheets, contact lens solutions, eyeglasses, makeup and prescriptions. For fragile items such as makeup, make sure that you’re packing them correctly so that you don’t end up with a mess when you unpack them. 

Label All the Boxes 

Unpacking boxes after moving is a boring and tiresome job. You can make it easy by labeling all those boxes. If you do so, you can simply unpack the box that you need at that moment. You will not have to open all the boxes to find out your essentials. If you label the boxes, you will know what is inside. You can also look into packing services that can go through this step for you if you don’t want to go through the hassle. 

Use Colored Tape

You can use colored packing tape for easy identification. For example, you can choose a red color for your bedroom and orange for your living room. It will help you to find out the stuff of a particular room.

Change Your Address 

This is the last thing that might come into your mind. However, it should be your priority. Update the address to become accessible both professionally and personally when you’re moving to a new house

Deal Breakables with Care

Breakables need special attention while packing. So, take extra care while packing and moving fragile items. Wrap them individually and use more packing paper to bring them together into a tight shape. 

Last Words

Now you might have an idea on how to make moving easier. If you have kids, take extra care to make moving fun for them. Unpack their stuff first and take time to make them familiar with the new environment. To make things easier for everyone during the move, you should also look into professional movers as they’ll be able to take care of the heavy work for you. Enjoy your new home and explore the local food!


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