How to Fix Loose Carpet on Stairs – Tips to Repair

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( — November 13, 2019) — If you have a carpeted staircase, you may find that at some point the carpeting will come loose. Loose carpeting can be risky, potentially resulting in trips or falls that may lead to injury. As such, you want to create a quick fix that will reduce the risk of injury. It helps to learn how to fix loose carpet on stairs.

How to Fix Loose Carpet on Stairs

If you have just recently installed carpet it is important to protect the new carpet, to vacuum it regularly, and to remove stains as soon as possible. Loose carpeting is dangerous to people of all ages. This post highlights a few tips on fixing loose carpet on stairs and lowering the risk of injuries.

Stairs are typically high traffic areas, which can cause your carpet to loosen and wear out more easily than on low-traffic areas and floors. Your carpet is also more likely to come loose on the stairs because of the corners and overall structure of the stairs. Unlike carpets on floors, staircase floors need to be secured at multiple points, which also increases the chances that the carpet might come loose.


You can remedy loose carpeting by either simply reattaching it to the stairs or replacing it entirely. You may need to rent some equipment to ensure the carpet fits well. The chances are the carpet has detached from the tack strips at the back of each tread. In such a case, you need to use a carpet stretcher to stretch the loose carpet back into place and hook the carpet back into the tack strips.


Until you’re able to rent a carpet stretcher from your local hardware or hire a professional to fix the problem, you can create a temporary fix that will prevent slips and falls on your stairs. For this, all you need is to stretch the carpet tight to the back of the tread by hand and use construction staples and a staple gun to staple the carpet into place. If the carpet is against the wall, stretch also over the side strips before stapling.

To avoid stepping on exposed staple heads, be sure to place the staples at the back or ends of the tread. Once you’re able to fix the problem permanently, remove the staples with pliers or a flat-head screwdriver.

The trick with stapling is to work the nose of the stapler in between the carpet fibers. This helps to prevent the fiber from getting caught under the staple and creating a dimple in the carpet. however, if the fiber gets caught, just pull it out gently.

Hiring a Professional

If you have a tough stain on your carpet, you know to call an industry professional. Ultimately, just like hiring a professional to remove black mold from your carpet, your best bet when it comes to fixing a loose carpet on your stairs is to hire a professional carpenter. Choose one you can trust to do a good job.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to fix loose carpet on stairs, it’s important to handle such a situation as soon as possible. If you opt to hire a professional, employ a temporary fix to lower the risks of falling and injury. Ultimately, it’s all about ensuring safety.