Cannabis Master Grower Certification Online Production Training Course Launched

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( — November 16, 2019) — A new online cannabis Master Grower course has been launched by Green CulturED. It provides interested parties with all they need to know to run an automated, large-scale production.

A new online course has been launched for anyone looking to become a Master Grower and run their own cannabis business or to work for an established company. The focus of the course is on automated cannabis cultivation, helping anyone tap in a market that has grown in popularity since its legalization.

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The new course has been designed for busy people to learn at their own pace, so that even someone working 60 hours per week can manage the process and become a Master Grower.

It is a step by step, well structured course that is available online 24/7. This means that interested parties can take the course module when it’s convenient for them and they can learn how to become a Master Grower in their own time.

Previously, there was mystery surrounding how to become a Master Grower. Now, with the newly launched course from Green CulturED, the process has become streamlined.

Over the one-month course, participants will learn the education, knowledge and skills they need to become a certified Master Grower.

This involves cultivating cannabis on a large scale, with automated processes that can allow for huge volumes of production. Whether participants have previous growing experience, or are just starting out, the certification provides them with the skills they need to expand.

Cannabis dispensaries need to have Master Growers, because it’s one of the highest ROI activities in the business. The process manages and leads both growing operations and harvesting to generate more sales.

Master Growers can create a production system that runs on autopilot, opening up a wide range of new possibilities.

Green CulturED states: “You will learn the fundamentals needed to run a successful growing operation from start to finish. You will explore everything from seed germination, basics of watering, the necessary lighting, air ventilation, growing cycles, cloning cannabis, genetics and strain selection along with many more topics.”

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