5 Instagram Trends That Marketers Should Know in 2019

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(Newswire.net — November 17, 2019) — With over 8 million active users per day, Instagram trends have become popular in creating engagement among customers. It works as an effective communication channel between marketers and their potential customers. Over the years, the patterns of Instagram marketing have changed significantly and are more focused on fulfilling the user’s demands. That is why many large businesses have constituted Instagram as their prominent marketing strategy. Today, in this article, we will talk about the latest Instagram trends that marketers should know in 2019. Let’s start:

Varied accounts for one brand

It has now been easier on Instagram to switch accounts; this helps groups to transfer their message strategically. However, not all brands are taking advantage of this trend; here are the best reasons to use this:

Multiple locations:  A business operating in several places may want to add separate Instagram accounts. With this, you can take benefit of geographically based features like local hashtags, location tagging etc.

Variety of products and services: If your business deals in a wide range of products, then you need separate accounts for interacting with customers. Since several products speak differently to different audiences, it helps to gain the right followers.

Different cultures and languages: if your business deals with audiences having a distinct culture or language, then it is always suggestive to use a separate account to stay more personalized to customers.

Brands are flourishing

Since Instagram enables marketers to communicate with their users through images, posts, stories or captions, it serves as a great channel to deliver messages to the customers. Some of the fantastic practices businesses follow to buy instagram followers are:

Consistent in posting: With regular posting, you can keep your users updated about the services you are providing and builds enormous engagement.

Create some value: It is essential to offer some value to your customers when it comes to branding on Instagram. The users should readily associate with your brand with the value you provide.

Popular hashtags: Top brands create their own unique hashtags to build a community of users within their niche. Though creating hashtags is easy but getting people to follow it is difficult. Therefore, a solid hashtags strategy is required to connect with your users.

Promote your posts: With the paid promotion, you can reach the accounts that weren’t following you. So if you want to make your brand recognizable easily, then go for paid posting.

Buying followers has grown

This practice is now becoming famous on Instagram. Influencers often buy followers to gain more credibility for their Instagram account. If you want to spot whether the followers are fake or real, follow these guidelines:

Check account history: When some account buys followers, their follower count increases instantly. It gives a hint that the followers have been increased unethically.

Check their comments: Comments from fake accounts looks spammy. They do not have a personal touch and real reactions from people. So if comments contain the use of inappropriate language or false phrases, it has paid followers.

Creative ways to share

Instagram keeps on updating its features, and now it is providing more creative ways to share your content. Some of them are described below:

Giphy library: It offers transparent gifs just for Instagram. You can use it either on posts or videos just like stickers.

Stories highlights: This enables the users to save their story, and it will appear as a highlight on your account even after expiry.

Join live requests: The live sessions have now been trendy on Instagram. Users can join the sessions as a guest making it more interactive for the users.

Following hashtags: Other than the accounts, a new feature has come – follow the hashtags. This changes the content for newsfeed entirely different for the users, providing a more enhanced experience.

Use of Snapchat filters

As Instagram has now been linked to a Snapchat account, people are making the use out of it. Some of the benefits reaped from connecting one account to others are discussed below: 

Encourage personality: when you add a personal snap to the Instagram story, it showcases your brand personality. People are always interested in what’s happening around. So they like to view the snap story of brands.

Use sponsored geofilters: If you have purchased any geofilter on Snapchat, then linking your Instagram to Snapchat can help you generate more sales.

Repost influencers: Many influencers are more active on Snapchat. So if you are looking to sponsor any influencer, then you can build the connection over Instagram.

Live events: Both Instagram and Snapchat offer live streaming. However, you do not need to use both accounts separately; host the one and connect it with others.

So these are the latest top 5 trend son Instagram that marketers should know about. With a constant following of the most modern features, you can make your brand accessible worldwide.