How Medical Hazardous Waste Disposal is Best Handled

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( — November 27, 2019) — Nowadays, one of the safest and most practical way to handle hazardous waste is to use a medical waste shredder (source: Such a device can take care of hazardous pharmaceutical, and even radioactive medical waste disposal. But what is it exactly?

Integrated sterilizer and medical waste shredder: a 2 in1 solution for medical hazardous waste disposal

If you’ve heard of steam sterilizers before (also known as autoclaves: pressure cooker-like machines that use high-pressure steam to sterilize medical equipment), then you already have a basic idea of how this machine works. The difference is that some companies actually combine the properties of autoclaves with that of medical waste shredders, to create a whole new machine! This where they get their name from, as they are called „Integrated Sterilizer and Shredders” (or ISS for short). Such a machine complies with EU and WHO recommendations as well, making it one of the best tools for hospital waste management that is available on the market right now.

Naturally, hospitals aren’t the only medical facilities that can enjoy the benefits of such a device. Different models exist with different capacities, making them a highly versatile tool for pharmaceutical and clinical waste management as well.

So how does medical hazardous waste disposal work with an ISS?

An Integrated Sterilizer and medical waste Shredder is a safe, economical, eco conscious, and also user-friendly way to handle the hazards of biomedical waste. The machine only uses steam and electricity to work, so it doesn’t emit any harmful substances whatsoever.

One doesn’t even have to go anywhere, as the ISS provides an on-site solution for hazardous medical waste disposal. Not to mention the entire process is automatic: you don’t even have to open or close the door of the machine! Depending on the model, the total cycle time of steam sterilization and medical waste shredding is usually between 15 and 35 minutes. Not to mention you can dispose of up to 150 kg of hazardous medical waste in a single cycle, depending on the model you choose!

After the ISS’s cycle is finished, even the most hazardous pharmaceutical waste comes out in a sterile form. Since all waste comes out devoid of liquid components (as these are drained to a municipal sewer), there is absolutely no risk of contaminated wastewater. Basically, after the process is done, you can dispose of previously hazardous waste as normal garbage!

A note on the technical features of this medical hazardous waste disposal machine

The cycles of a medical waste shredder and sterilizer is governed by a microprocessor-based control system. Not to worry, it’s all very user-friendly: the ISS comes with a touch-screen display as well, so you can clearly see the results of its self-diagnosis. Through this digital display, you’ll have a full picture of what it actually does! Time, temperature, pressure…

Not to mention PC connection is also available, so documentation of your hazardous medical waste management won’t be an issue at all.