Easy Ways to Customize Foot Ware

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(Newswire.net — November 27, 2019) — It could be that you do not have money to buy a new pair of shoes or that you are too bored with how some of your shoes look. The following are some simple ideas to change the appearance of a shoe. Some of them are so easy that you can do them within seconds of preparing to wear them;


Canvas shoes are best for this kind of transformation as the fabric is hard enough to write on and can easily absorb color. You might already have a design in mind for this or perhaps you want it to be free-style. Either way, it is important to make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned and dried the shoes. Get a permanent marker for this job but it is advisable to first draw out the design you want using a pencil. Depending on the design that you want to draw on your shoes, a single or multiple markers may need to be used. If using multiple, start with the light-colored ones and finish the design by drawing an outline. What sure what to draw with your doodle? How about your name, repetitive patterns like spirals, symbols like hearts, smiley faces and even simple dots?


This technique of customization is suited for solid colored, plain shoes that are in perfect condition. You might have owned a plain looking pair of shoes for a long time or you came across it at the store and knew exactly what to do to breathe life into it. There are many items you can use to embellish shoes such as clips, earrings –just make sure they are a proportional size. Production of buckles for footwear must have such activities as the inspiration for various designs. The buckle you attaché shoe not only match on both shoes but it should also match the shape and size of the shoe.

Replace the laces

This is a perfectly simple idea for instantly changing the way shoes that have laces look like. Quite frankly, you can even have several pairs of fancy laces to use on a single pair of shoes. To make this technique interesting, make an effort to match the general outfit with the color of the laces you use. It is easy to make laces by yourself – get a satin ribbon in the color that you like and cut the edges at an angle at the desired length. Treat the edges with heat or fabric glue to keep them looking new and in good condition for a long time.

Make use of rhinestones

Who said that flip flops and bathroom slippers need to be boring? Just by making use of super glue, you can attach a line or creative pattern of rhinestone on any surface of the shoe that you like. When selecting rhinestones to use, make sure that they are smaller in diameter than the width of the strap. There is no harm in using various colors, sizes and even shapes of the rhinestones as long as the final outcome looks professional.

Turning a pair of shoes, whether new or old into one you love and look forward to wearing is quite an easy task. You do not have to be extravagant about it, just think of things that lies round the house unused and right there could be the raw material you need to transform a plain looking shoe into a masterpiece.