Mind Clarity Intuition Training for Business and Individuals Website Launched

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(Newswire.net — November 28, 2019) — Lori Bolen, curriculum content creator at iThought Mind, launched a website with a range of training packages for individuals and businesses wishing to gain insight and intuition by learning about what is known as a High Vibration Lifestyle.

Individuals and businesses can learn how to live a High Vibrational Lifestyle with a newly launched website offering training package options from iThought Mind, and the author and Mind Consultant Lori Bolen, who is a ‘vibrational intuitive’ and curriculum creator at iThought Mind.

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At iThought Mind they teach that the mind is designed to create all things possible in 4 main ways. They are: the mind is pure awareness and it is moving through different levels of consciousness in life, the conscious intuition of a person is designed to make a real difference in the world, the mind uses vibrational energy to create all things possible in this world, and minds uses synchronicity to connect with others in life.

The recently launched website helps people to improve their mental focus and law of attraction. They offer the business world a training package called Intuitive Business Vibes, a 12-week online program that teaches how to tap into business intuition, whilst receiving Lori Bolen’s intuitive capability to gain more business insight.

Lori Bolen states on the website that “living a High Vibrational Lifestyle means living with the understanding that in order to maintain a healthy vibrational lifestyle, or to upgrade to a brand-new high vibrational lifestyle, you must first recognize that energetically everything and everyone are interconnected in our world. Therefore, organizing your vibrations and learning to raise your vibration to attract the lifestyle you desire is important above all.”

iThought Mind also has a 6-week training package for individuals called Intuitive High Vibes, and to those who prefer private training a one-on-one consultation with Lori Bolen can be booked. Lori has the decipher gift of being able to see inside a person’s mind to decode the root cause of why a person’s life is in the stage it is, and how to quickly upgrade the mind to a better version, making Lori a remarkable asset to have in life.

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