Katy TX Fat Loss Hypoxi Weight Reduction Treatments HIIT Alternative Launched

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(Newswire.net — November 29, 2019) — Katy, TX — A newly launched weight loss program by Vibez Urban Resort in Katy, Texas for Cinco Ranch, Fulshear, Northwest, and West Houston. Providing cutting edge solutions for fat loss using Hypoxi treatments.

Vibez Urban Resort, in Katy, Texas, has launched a new weight loss program based on cutting edge technology. Local residents around Cinco Ranch, Fulshear, West Houston and Northwest Houston can benefit from Hypoxi Fat Loss treatments to remove multiple inches in every session, without requiring diet or exercise.

More information can be found at: https://vibezurbanresort.com

The newly launched program is designed to help patients prepare for that special event, even if they haven’t been dieting or exercising.

Katy and West Houston’s newest form of weight loss and fat reduction is available at Vibez Urban Resort now. It is a low impact exercise combined with advanced compression and vacuum technology.

Patients can visit the clinic to burn up to three times more fat than traditional methods. This means that if they have a special occasion, party or event coming up, it can be a highly effective way of achieving their desired look.

The newly launched program is available in 30-minute sessions, and is a scientifically proven way to lose extra fat. Patients can get in touch with Vibez Urban Resort to take control over their shape using the latest technology.

Using innovative technology, Vibez can provide patients with a specially designed approach to target problem areas. The Hypoxi machine works by increasing blood flow to targeted areas to help stimulate fat loss after two to four weeks.

Vibez Urban Resort states: “Ideal for individuals who are seeking a low-impact way to lose fat, Hypoxi has been proven to be three times more effective at burning stubborn fat than traditional exercise. Vibez Urban Resort has a variety of Hypoxi equipment, which help clients maximize their results through vacuum and compression technology.”

Vibez Urban Resort was launched with a focus on helping patients to treat their whole body, regardless of their needs. The team has partnered with several companies who lead the industry in cutting edge technologies, equipment and supplements.

Interested parties looking for weight loss for over 50s, and alternatives to HIIT exercises for women, can get in touch.

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