Charity Fundraising Africa Menstrual Resources Girls Education Project Launched

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( — December 2, 2019) — A Christian charity fundraising project was announced by Emmanuel International UK to support sub-Saharan African girls with education and resources relating to menstrual hygiene, which in turn aims to support better educational outcomes for these girls.

Established in 1978, UK Christian charity Emmanuel International (EIUK), announces the release of a new fund-raising project with the aim being to provide education and resources to African girls about menstrual hygiene. It has been demonstrated that education and support with regard to menstrual hygiene improves educational outcomes for girls in Africa and increases their future earning potential.

Go to for information about EIUK and the charitable volunteer projects in Africa.

EIUK have been involved in development projects across the world since 1978 and they work with the local churches in the communities they assist, providing volunteers to implement projects that build the self-reliance and the dignity of the people being served.

With the launch of this project Emmanuel International will raise funds to provide volunteer workers to go to sub-Saharan African countries and implement the menstrual hygiene education and resources programs to girls. EIUK, currently have volunteers working across 9 different projects in Tanzania and Uganda, and report that this new project to support menstrual hygiene is very important because girls often miss significants amounts of time at school and sometimes leave school altogether after they start menstruating.

A spokesperson from EIUK said “keeping girls in school is a must”, and noted that UNICEF estimated 1 in 10 African girls skip school 4 to 5 days per month, or drop out completely, because of menstruation. This is the equivalent of two weeks of learning lost every school term. With studies showing that every year of school attendance increases a girl’s future earning power by 10 to 20 percent, and can reduce the risk of contracting HIV, and lessen or delay the rate of teenage pregnancies in these communities.

EIUK are a member of Global Connections and they work under their Code, with their core values in line with the Guidelines For Charity Management. Being a trusted registered charity, established for over 40 years and with a Christian mission, Emmanuel International is hoping for a successful fundraising effort to support the newly launched project to support girls with their menstrual hygiene in Africa.

For more information about the release of this worthwhile project go to the EIUK website by clicking on the URL above.